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Lymphoma Cancer


  • Stage 1 : It is the advanced stage of lymphoma. The term "advanced lymphoma" refers to lymphoma originating in the lymph nodes and progressing to at least one organ outside the lymphatic system, such as the bone marrow, lung, and liver.
  • Stage 2 : The lymphoma spreads to one or more groups of lymph nodes and originates in a single organ (except the lymphatic system). It must be on the single side of the stomach.
  • Stage 3 : In this stage, the lymphoma only affects a single group of lymph nodes (glands). It can occur anywhere in the body, above or beneath the diaphragm, and not just in the neck.
  • Stage 4 : At least two groups of lymph nodes have lymphoma. These may be located everywhere on the body. However, they are located on the same side of the stomach to be classified as stage 2 lymphoma.
  • Stage 5 : In this stage, the lymph nodes affected by lymphoma are located on both sides of the stomach.

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